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I had a very good conversation with a friend (who is afraid of getting hate for this, so anything that could link this to them has been edited out) about an issue with a vast majority of tumblr users.

1) Do not feel bad for what you think about a fictional character. It won’t make you any better to have diverse headcanons about FAKE characters, rather than have everyone the same height, skintone, etc. And it’s nobody’s business to tell you otherwise.

2) A tumblr famous person’s opinion isn’t more valid, or somehow better than yours. Tumblr famous people have somehow been given a divine right to share their opinions with other people on tumblr, like their opinion is somehow more important or more credible than the next guy. Lmao, wrong. Just because you might have a bigger audience doesn’t mean jack shit. Your opinion is still nothing more than an opinion. Leave it at that.

3) Just because something has a lot of notes, doesn’t mean its credible or correct. These are judgements you have to make for yourself. And a lot of posts have biased opinions on important matters, so if you decide that you are going to reblog something, remember the impact it can have on others. Do your research. You can end up misleading so many people just because you didn’t snope it or you thought that “Well, everyone else reblogged it, it must be credible!”. Even if it has sources. Check them out. Research that site. Do your fucking homework before you realize that you have opinions on matters that you didn’t even form on your own.

4) Reblogging something on tumblr won’t have as much of an impact as you think. If it is something like “Please help me find __” or “Please donate this is urgent”, then refer to #3 and spread awareness (“signal boosting”). But if it is something about politics, real world matters, revolutions, “things they won’t teach you at school”, etc, you aren’t making any progress in the real world. See the part where I talk about fish in the conversation. Many of us on tumblr know that a lot of problems (sexism, for example) are real and need to be addressed and solved. But repeating the same thing to people that already know this won’t do much. You have to tell people outside of the internet if you really want to make a difference. That is the way the world works.

5) NOT EVERYONE USES THIS SITE THE SAME WAY. Being an ass to someone who didn’t reblog this (“If you don’t reblog this you don’t have a heart!!”), or being an ass to someone who DID reblog that isn’t being corrective. It isn’t helping that person. It isn’t helping you. It’s being fucking stupid. This applies to hipster blogs, vegan blogs, blogs with a theme everyone hates, etc. (“Yay we ruined another hipster post!!”, “Spot the vegan!!”, etc) It’s just plain fucking rude. It’s why we find people promo’ing themselves on posts irritating. (“Follow for the absolute funniest posts!”) So don’t be a shitdick if someone uses tumblr differently than you.

Please spread this if you can. Or want. I just feel that this could benefit a lot of people. You dont have to read the conversation, but at least read the text down here.

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